Friday, January 9, 2009

Jesus did not comply with everybody's requests all the time. There were sick people He didn't heal; there were people He didn't touch and needs He didn't meet. He would go take a nap if He was tired; He would go off by Himself to be with His Father instead of being at his disciples' beck and call. He sometimes would not answer people's questions directly, but would go for what the real issue was. The things He would say and do would sometimes make people (e.g., Pharisees) really angry. Yet He was and still is, perfectly sinless and loving.

Jesus loves people on the most profound level - in ways that are good for them to be loved, ways that produce SHALOM in their innermost beings. Maybe not immediately -- but eventually -- durable, strong Shalom. In the short run, He is willing (for their benefit) to allow them to feel not so hot – because it was His intention to do good for them in the long run, eternally.

So, what do I learn from this? First, to trust Jesus' heart and His wisdom. He does all things well, and He is trustworthy. Next, when God allows things into my life that are unpleasant, the first thing to do is seek His help to trust Him even if it's scary. Next, slow down and try not to panic; rather, remind myself of what the truth is: that God is good; He is loving; He knows me and understands my circumstances much better than I do. Finally, remember that God the Holy Spirit is right here, right now, that His precious Word is available and powerful, and that God will be victorious. He is all I need.


God's Girl said...

Great post! I was blessed to read it! Thanks for sharing! : )

Jacqi said...

Found your blog while scooting around the "interests" directory; I had noticed we both enjoy the music of Christopher Parkening! It was also interesting to see we have something else in common: you use the same background as I do in my blog! ( Am interested in what you say in your posts, and would like to see more--you mentioned you were a reluctant blogger, but maybe the Lord wants you to say more.