Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Is the Gospel, Take 2

Definition of "the Gospel," refined a bit more:

The Gospel is God’s good news, whereby He demonstrates His glorious character throughout the universe by creating human beings for relationship with Himself, knowing, however, that we would all rebel against Him . The good news includes God’s provision of all the means necessary through His Son Jesus Christ, to reconcile rebellious humanity to Himself by judging our sin, satisfying His wrath against us, paying the just penalty for our sin, and giving us the faith we need in order to trust His complete provision for us. And when we do trust Him and give our lives to Him, He declares us righteous and forgiven and adopts us into His family. In all of this, God displays His glory as He magnifies, rather than diminishes, His holiness, justice, righteousness, goodness and love.

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