Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Time?

LORD, I pray that in this entire day before me, You would so direct my thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions so that they will be pleasing to You.  You are the loving Master and LORD of all there is, including me.  "My time" is a total misnomer. Because You have loved me and given Yourself for me, I belong to You, everything I am and have belongs to You.  And yet, I so often think that once our quiet time is over, the rest of the day is "mine."  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet, even if I want to do something "for me," with my time, what better object of my attention than the sovereign, wonderful, loving Ruler of the Universe? What better fulfillment could there possibly be?  Why would I choose my occupations, my fulfillment (trifles!) when YOU are mine and I am Yours?!  Precious Father, Jesus my Rescuer, and sweet Spirit, please move me all day long to find my greatest delight and joy in You.

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