Friday, October 21, 2016

Prayer for Seeing with Gospel Eyes

Lord of Hosts

Open our eyes to see the evidences of your grace throughout this day
Open our ears to hear the preaching of your Gospel through the mouths of our friends
Open our hearts to behold and marvel at the glories of who you are and what you've done since ages past, and
Open our minds to grasp the excellencies of your very precious Word preserved for us in the pages of our Bibles.

We are in need, Father; help us to open our mouths so that you might fill us
We are in need of seeing you more and more for who you really are in your glory and sufficiency, to give us the perspective we need
We are in need of your comfort, your conviction, your assurances of your sufficiency for all things.
We are in need of being reminded that the Gospel is the power of salvation and sanctification,
We are in need of your perspective for all the turmoil and suffering we see in this world, and to remember that you alone hold all the answers, all the power, all the grace that we need for today.  
And we need to be reminded that you will supply all that we need for life and godliness according to the riches of our glorious inheritance.  

All of this is because we have You, Jesus. I have no merit of my own to approach You, yet because of Jesus Christ I may come boldly before You and I know that You will welcome me not because of anything good I've done, but because of all that Jesus has done.

The only reason I am able to ask any of these is because the precious and only begotten Son of the Father lived the life I should have lived and did it all perfectly, lovingly, for your glory, and then yielded up his life as an atoning sacrifice for my sins, taking the wrath that was due to me for my rebellion, and giving me instead His own perfect righteousness, forgiveness and justification. And to top it all off, You have graciously adopted me, the proud rebel-now-reborn, as a child of the King. You've also sealed and filled me with your wonderful Holy Spirit, providing your presence within me now, and I get to be with You forever. Hallelujah!

Thank You!

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